The Time Zone Top 40

The Time Zone Top 40 is the 40 top-selling music tracks in Australia exactly forty years ago, to the day.

They said it couldn’t be done and for a while there we thought they were right. But we persevered and on August the 9th, 2003, we time-travelled for the very first time back to August the 9th, 1963.
That was 12 years ago. And with the help of the Kent music report, we’ve gone back every single week since then. You can check out the Kent music report at
So it’s that time again - time to travel back exactly forty years to this day in 1975 for Robyne’s presentation of the top forty music tracks across Australia.
Remember 1975? Remember The Peppermint Twist and Bob Hudson’s mega hit the Newcastle Song?
All my friends are getting married, sang the Skyhooks while Leo Sayer’s Moonlighting told us about kids eloping to Gretna Green. They were all big hits in 1975.
In 1974 we felt the beginnings of climate change with two destructive cyclones, Wanda in January and Tracy in December. Wanda devastated south-east Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Tracy almost annihilated Darwin.
And I’ll bet you were a big hit in 1975. Get out the photos. They’ll take your breath away. So will his or her photos. Want to go back to 1975?
Well, Stay tuned and Robyne will take you back to this day in 1975, to this week’s number 40.

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