The Time Zone Top 40

The Time Zone Top 40 is the 40 top-selling music tracks in Australia exactly forty years ago, to the day.

Everyone who’s anyone knows that in 2003, this little radio station created a time machine. But it can only go back, and only forty years. But forward?
After the disasters of the last few years, who wants to go forward? Actually, time is travelling forward, but just not as fast as a university designed, professionally built, time-machine.
Would you like to travel back to this day, forty years ago, 1982?
We were blessed with many things…….Google hadn’t been invented……lots of great music was created: Eye of the Tiger; what about me; Believe it or not…….and the Dali Lama visited Australia……It was the better days of Rock and Roll.
Remember 1982? Want to go back? OK. Stay tuned and step aboard Robyne’s spaceship……..close your eyes, think back to this day forty years ago, and listen to this!

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