The Time Zone Top 40

The Time Zone Top 40 is the 40 top-selling music tracks in Australia exactly forty years ago, to the day.

A little after the turn of the century, 88.9 FM built a time machine to travel back to the better days of Rock n Roll.
Time travel? They said it couldn’t be done –
NASA laughed at us. Elon Musk said he would help if he only had the money.
With the help of Mainframe Hal, your creativity and the Kent Music Report we did!, on August the 9th, 2003.
Every week since then, we have time-travelled exactly 40 years into the past. Go to the Kent music report at
Remember Shakin Stevens? The Mentals, the swingers and Billy Field’s bad habits?
They were all big hits in 1981. And I’ll bet you were a big hit too. Dig out your photos! They’ll take your breath away. So will his…..or hers.
Like to go back to 1981, when there were less than 15 million of us, but we built the 4 millionth Holden? And when A Country Practice debuted on Chanel 7?
OK? stand by to travel back to this day in 1981? climb aboard Flight Commander Robyne’s time machine and listen to this:

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