The Time Zone Top 40

The Time Zone Top 40 is the 40 top-selling music tracks in Australia exactly forty two years ago, to the day.

They said it couldn’t be done. NASA laughed at us. A time Machine?
Joe Bjelke Peterson mistakenly thought we were Queenslanders and said of course they will build a time machine. Queenslanders can do anything, now don’t you worry about that.
And, with the help of Mainframe Hal, your imagination and the Kent Music Report we did!
You can check out the Kent Music Report at austchartbook dot com dot au.
But after thirteen years of tinkering, our time machine still only goes back, and only forty years, exactly.
1977 was the year Abba outsold the Beatles, we lost Elvis and Aussie politician Don Chipp pledged to keep the bastards honest but sadly failed?
In 1977, NASA’s two Voyager spacecraft both departed Planet Earth on journeys to Jupiter, Saturn and the stars. They are still going strong and still talking to NASA as they hurtle away from our Sun and into deep space.
Kerry Packer launched World Series Cricket in 1977, bringing the game into a new era of popularity.
Want to go back to this day exactly 40 years ago with flight Captain Robyne Wood in her time machine?
Well, climb aboard, close your eyes, open your imagination and listen to this:

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