The Time Zone Top 40

The Time Zone Top 40 is the 40 top-selling music tracks in Australia exactly forty two years ago, to the day.

Years and years ago – well before the words catastrophic and climate change became widespread – 88.9 FM built a time machine that could travel back exactly 40 years to the better days of life on Earth and the best days of rock and roll.
Since then, with the help of the Kent music report and your imagination, we’ve travelled back 40 years each week. You can check out the Kent music report at
1980 was a year of memorable events: some excellent, some bad and some catastrophic. mmmmmmIn 1980, Philips launched the Compact Disc – the CD. That was good. We lost John Lennon in 1980. That was bad. His single Starting Over almost instantly became a World-wide number 1. 100,000 mourners attended a public vigil for Lennon, which included ten minutes’ silence. That, I suppose, was good.
In 1980, ACDC vocalist Bon Scott died in London from acute alcoholic poisoning; Bill Haley played his last concert and sadly died soon after. That was Bad.
July 1980 marked the 25th anniversary of Bill Haley’s Rock around the Clock. That was good.
Lots of excellent music was created in 1980. Remember the Pina Colada Song, Escape? Lots of people said it was mm corny, but it got to number three.
And Queen? The Police? Pink Floyd? Michael Jackson? Old 55? Aussie Crawl? The list is almost endless!
So it’s that time again - time to travel back exactly forty years to this day in 1980 for Robyne’s presentation of the top forty music tracks across Australia.
Stay tuned and she will take you back to this day in 1980, to this week’s top 40.

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